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Social media marketing is about promoting a business through social media. Some examples of well-known social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok. Social media platforms are big, but also very competitive; everyone wants attention there.

Each platform has its own advantages and offers different options. But how do you know which platform is best suited for your business? The first step is to identify your target audience. The more specific the characteristics of your target audience, the easier it is to know which social media platform is best suited for your business. A good way to determine your target audience is to create buyer personas, with which you can paint a picture of what platforms you can use to reach a specific target audience with a specific message.

Powerful content is crucial to success, but you need to know how to use it. Because of my experience I can help you attract the right clients by boosting your content on the right platform and in the right way. This can be done through profitable online advertisements and/or through posts and publications. This way you achieve more sales and more clients on social media, and you have more time to focus on your business.

Facebook en Instagram advertisements

How do you ensure that your ideal client cannot ignore your beautiful website or your fantastic offer? Being active on social media is one thing, but do you want to get clients from social media and reach more people with it? Then advertising on Facebook and Instagram is the way to reach your target audience and acquire clients. With standard posts you often only reach 20% of your followers. Reaching non-followers is even more difficult.
How do you change that? Peppers Marketing helps you to make advertising via Facebook and Instagram a success. And yes, you can do that without spending thousands of euros on your advertising budget.

YouTube advertisements

YouTube is the world's largest video platform, making it the largest online video advertising channel. As an entrepreneur you can no longer ignore the important role videos play in your marketing strategy. Due to the enormous reach of YouTube, this is a unique opportunity for your business to increase brand awareness and conversions. Do you want to beat the competition as an entrepreneur? Start advertising on YouTube!
But you don't know how to bring your adverts to the attention of your target audience? Peppers Marketing helps you make YouTube advertising a success.

LinkedIn advertisements

Do you have a target audience within the business industry, but are you unable to generate leads through online advertisements on LinkedIn? Do your regular posts only reach a small audience? And are you looking ways to turn followers into clients? LinkedIn ads are the way to get more leads, more purchases and more clients for your business. You pay a little more than for Facebook and Instagram ads but LinkedIn allows you to focus specifically on certain job titles, groups, industries and businesses.
With all the choices you have, it is difficult to determine what would benefit your business. How do you use your budget correctly? Who is your ideal target audience?
Peppers Marketing helps you answer all those questions so that you acquire more clients, gain more brand awareness and generate more sales.

Google advertisements

How do you ensure that your target audience cannot ignore your beautiful website or your fantastic offer? Then advertising on Google is the way to boost your website traffic. Google Ads is Google's online advertising platform, with the help of Google Ads you can attract new potential clients to your website in no time. The biggest advantage of Google Ads: you only pay for results. The number of clicks to your website. It is even possible to send campaigns based on conversions. Google processes more than 3.6 million searches every minute, so the sooner you're brought to the attention of a potential client, the better. That is why it is important to have a high findability and searchability in Google and Peppers Marketing can help you with this!

TikTok advertisements

Does it frustrate you that you hardly get any clients from your online advertisements on social media? And that you have such a nice offer on your website, but that people hardly know where to find it? TikTok is a very popular platform and it is growing on a daily basis. Do you want to beat the competition as an entrepreneur? With TikTok ads you can reach a young target audience in a creative way, where you pay less than on Facebook or Instagram.
How do you handle that? Simple: Peppers Marketing helps you to make advertising via TikTok a success.

Why is social engagement so important?

Apart from social media campaigns, social media without social engagement is just media. People don't use social networks for a one-way experience. They seek connections - with people and with brands.

Organic reach has dropped on almost every social media platform in recent years. However, accounts with greater engagement with their audiences are the least affected. Your clients also expect you to be involved, especially when it comes to providing support. Social media is the number one choice for customer service and engagement.

With social engagement you build relationships and you can learn from your target audience and the community how to improve their experience with your business. I can help you with your social engagement. How? Schedule an initial meeting and we'll discuss it!


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