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With Search Engine Advertising you buy a piece of advertising space above the organic search results within search engines, these are the so-called SEA costs.

Search engine advertising falls under “Pull Marketing”, where supply and demand come together, think advertisements in search engines such as Google and Bing. With pull marketing, the customer is already looking for a product or service and therefore already has a need. When your ad is triggered by a search query, it will be displayed in the paid search results.
Google is the largest search engine worldwide. But advertising in smaller search engines such as Bing is also interesting as the competition is lower here and it appeals to a different target group than Google.
Search engine advertising is a performance channel. This means that it is easy to measure what each euro invested yields and how you can manage this effectively. This makes search engine advertising a very interesting channel to generate leads and sales.

Thanks to our experience, we can help you attract the right clients by boosting your content on the right platform and in the right way, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the desired result.


Our Search Engine Advertising services


Our Search Engine Advertising approach consists of the following steps:

  1. Objective: Determining the objectives of the campaigns and budgets.
  2. Keyword research: Based on keyword research, we determine the focus keywords and structure of the campaigns.
  3. Setting up campaigns: Setting up the campaigns, where we write the advertisements ourselves.
  4. Optimization: Structural optimization to achieve the objectives and continuously improve the result.

In addition to achieving quality traffic to your website, our search engine advertising approach is including advice about landing pages. This way we not only send quality traffic to your website, but we also ensure that this traffic converts.


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