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Social media marketing is about promoting a business through social media. Some examples of well-known social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok. Social media channels are big, but also very competitive; everyone wants attention there.

Each channel has its own advantages and offers different options. But how do you know which channel is best suited for your business? The first step is to identify your target audience. The more specific the characteristics of your target audience, the easier it is to know which social media channel is best suited for your business.

A good way to determine your target audience is to create buyer personas, with which you can paint a picture of what channel you can use to reach a specific target audience with a specific message.

Powerful content is crucial to success, but you need to know how to use it. Because of our experience, we can help you attract the right clients by boosting your content on the right channel and in the right way.


You can do this by way of profitable online advertisements and/or posts.

  • Organic Social Media Marketing is about sharing powerful content on your social media channel. This content is viewed,liked and shared by users that follow/like you.
  • Social Media Advertising is a part of Social Media Marketing. Social Media Advertising is paid publishing of posts or advertisements on different social media channels. This way you can reach your target audience; within or outside of your network. 

Which one of the two should you choose? That all depends on your objectives. Most often, a combination is most profitable, but we would be happy to have an introductory meeting to discuss the possibilities. 

Why is social engagement so important?

Apart from social media campaigns, social media without social engagement is just media. People don't use social networks for a one-way experience. They seek connections - with people and with brands.

Organic reach has dropped on almost every social media channel in recent years. However, accounts with greater engagement with their audiences are the least affected. Your clients also expect you to be involved, especially when it comes to providing support. Social media is the number one choice for customer service and engagement.

With social engagement you build relationships and you can learn from your target audience and the community how to improve their experience with your business. I can help you with your social engagement. How? Schedule an initial meeting and we'll discuss it!

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