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Web analytics is indispensable for any type of website. Web analytics gives you insight into the performance of your website. Consider how many visitors come to your website, through which channels and what these visitors do on your website.

The most important thing about web analytics is that all KPIs are easily measurable, such as measuring turnover and completed contact forms. Tools such as Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics make this possible.

You want your website to be technically well constructed and that your website visitors encounter as few technical obstacles as possible. Technical quality is one of Google's ranking criteria. If your website is not technically put together well, you will score lower in the search results. An example of a technical variable is the loading speed of your website.

In addition to the technical part of your website, the website must also be well structured in terms of content.


We scan your website on a number of important points such as:

  • Meta information: To help search engines understand what your website is about, you need to provide meta information that helps them categorize the content. That is why it is useful to research meta tags. For example, we look at: Error messages in domain names or page URLs, incorrect meta tags, Meta titles and descriptions
  • Page quality: High-quality content is one of the most important success factors for SEO optimization of your website and search engine position. It is therefore important to test your website regularly so that the search engines can better index your website pages and rank them for relevant keywords.
  • Page speed: Thanks to a well-performing and technically secure installation, search engines can better check your website and index it faster. Optimizing your website speed is necessary to achieve top positions. This is what we look at: Pages that load slowly, large HTML files, problems with your HTTP header.
  • Page and link structure: Search engines prefer websites that are clearly structured and that enable efficient crawling.
  • External factors: The search engine optimization report is not just about optimizing the website itself. For a high search engine position in the long term, you also need to take into account external factors that influence your website position. For example, backlinks and social media links.

We help you make your website measurable and analyze data so that you can make the right decisions.


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